Green Wednesday: You Can Live Sustainably in the Suburbs

From on August 06, 2008 in Green Remodeling

suburbsWe’re all familiar with the pioneer story of Little House on the Prairie. They traveled West, chose a piece of land, and built their home with whatever natural resources were at their disposal. These consisted of earth, sod, wood, and whatever else they could find to put to a useful purpose. Look at how far we’ve come from those days. Now, our homes consist of chemically treated artificial products that, if left unattended for several years, will not decompose or revert back into renewable resources.

Although growing in popularity and commonality, those opting to build with more eco-friendly materials and practices are still viewed as environmental activists instead of wise consumers. Our ancestors understood the concept of preserving our natural resources and caring for the land, so why is it not the logical choice today?

Remodeling with the Environment in Mind

We don’t have to homestead as they did on “Little House on the Prairie” in order to further this concept. It is quite possible to live sustainably in the suburbs just by following some of the same practices that Chuck and Melissa Gatchell are implementing in the construction of their new home. “The definition of a quality home in America is changing,” Chuck said of his family’s reasons for going green. “More people are choosing to build a home with the environment in mind.” The Beaverton Valley Times

, July 10, 2008 edition. Chuck and Melissa’s remodel includes cork flooring, energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting, Energy Star appliances, drywall made with recycled paper, a tankless water heater, dual-flush toilets, water-efficient faucets, and recycled glass countertops.

With more homeowners choosing to comply with LEED standards when building and renovating their homes, the products to accomplish this are becoming more affordable. Not only will you be providing a healthier home for your family, but will also be doing your part to preserve our world for future generations. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area to make the necessary changes within your home for a more sustainable way of life.