New Home Energy Audit Franchises Sprouting

From on April 03, 2009 in Green Remodeling

proenergylogo.gif Pro Energy Consultants, our nation’s first home energy audit franchise, has announced its expansion into six new markets: Las Vegas, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Albuquerque, Evansville, and Detroit, and they’re signing on at least 40 new franchisees across the country in 2009.

Pro Energy Consultants has years of experience performing residential energy auditing services to homeowners. Obviously this service is provided to homeowners who are interested in saving energy and money, and who isn’t? In most areas the audit can be performed for a few hundred dollars. Audit customers who make just a few recommended improvements see significant savings, which will pay for the audit in no time at all.

proenergy.jpgKind of like Ghost Busters only instead of ghosts Pro Energy Consultants use state-of-the-art thermography imaging, infrared scanning, and blower-door testing to seek out areas where energy is being wasted. Okay, not really like Ghost Busters, but it does sound pretty high tech. Other tests in the auditor’s tool box include duct-leakage testing and air-flow evaluations.

Many homeowners don’t understand the importance of energy audits and therefore live with high utility bills month after month, year after year. If you have drafty places in your home, big temperature differences between rooms, condensation on your windows or drywall, or have rooms that are cold and hard to hear in, you need an energy audit.

Definitely worth noting is the fact that many states are starting to reward homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient. In Nevada, energy audits are mandatory when a home changes ownership and many more states are considering adapting this strategy in the near future. And, in some states, local utility companies offer free or discounted energy audits to their customers.

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