Monitor Your Energy Usage with GreenTouchScreen

From on May 21, 2010 in Green Remodeling

green touch screen energyWe are a green-obsessed nation. We want alternative energy for our cars and homes, organic food, natural cleaning products, and sustainable commercial buildings. But what about us?

When it comes right down to it, we are demanding that our things be greener, but it’s largely our own personal behavior and lifestyles that impact the environment. According to Quality Attributes Software, occupants consume 40 percent of the energy used in any given building, and our daily operations, both personal and professional, can greatly affect our carbon footprint.

In an effort to bring such knowledge to our fingertips, green touch screen monitorQAS created the GreenTouchscreen, a device that show each individual’s energy usage and how it impacts their overall energy consumption and costs.

The main goal is to educate and bring and awareness to the public, but also to influence people –everyone from building engineers and managers to employees and residents– to actively reduce their energy consumption by five to 30 percent.

And it’s an easily readable tool that provides a real-time photo of your carbon footprint on-demand. Although this new system is designed mainly for commercial use, the data shared with building occupants is easily carried over into each individual’s personal life as well.