The Manifesto House: A Pop-Up Book for Grown-Ups?

From on September 30, 2010 in Green Remodeling

An energy-smart shipping crate home

manifesto house containers

In Curacavi, Chile, the reclaimed-shipping-pallet Manifesto House is an example of how beauty and social consciousness have merged to take us into the future of design.

manifesto house landscape

Designed by architects Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Geleano of Infiniski in 2009, and stacked tall and proud beneath Chile’s electric blue skies, the place looks like a swanky, modern pop-up book.

manifesto house living roommanifesto house picture window

The Manifesto House is based on a prefab design, allowing for cheaper and faster construction. It goes beyond the traditional modular system, however, with its bioclimatic architecture to allow the house to adapt to different energy needs through positioning. It uses three recycled maritime containers for such flexibility.

manifesto house bridge

A divided container on the first level supports the second-level container, forming a bridge that creates extra space below, isolated with thermo glass panels. Reducing largely the need for building materials, this design also takes advantage of the natural climate, as well as extra light and an amazing view.

manifesto house bedroom

With two types of covers for this house, or “skin,” the exterior mobile pallets can shed like a snake’s skin to reveal wood panels from sustainable forests. In the winter, the open pallets allow the sun to heat the metal surface of the house. With 85-percent recycled materials and a second unique skin that can shed like a desert snake, this home is certainly one of a kind.

manifesto house skin

And coolest of all, the entire home boards back up again!