Lush, Green & Secluded: The Chrismer Cabin

From on May 14, 2010 in Green Remodeling

chrismer cabin woods

From certain angles, the Chrismer Cabin by Salmela Architect of Duluth, Minnesota looks like a train car wandered off into the woods and decided to stay there. But the interior will prove that this cabin is no train car – it’s a beautifully designed and decorated home off the beaten path.

Located in Door County, Wisconsin, the Chrismer Cabin sits among enormous evergreens in a highly wooded area, though you wouldn’t know it by the large amount of natural light that infiltrates the house.

chrismer cabin natural light

Being in total seclusion, the house has an air of rusticity about it, yet the interior is a contrast to that characteristic without interrupting its charm.

The arrangement of traditional shapes throughout the structure is quite intricate. The straight lines give the home clear divisions between one area and another, both inside and out, but at the same time bisect certain spaces to give the sense that they are overlapping or dual in purpose.

chrismer cabin kitchenThe kitchen is a bit of eclectic-whimsy with rich, dark floors, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and counters and tabletops of bright color. Much of the rest of the home is rather staid, yet it’s the light and brightness that allows the simplicity of the lines and complexity of design to be truly noticeable and appreciated.

chrismer cabin fireplace

The use of light natural woods, white walls and numerous windows keeps the home looking clean, light and modern. Complementing the wood paneling features on some of the interior walls are some open-slatted dividers that partially cordon off one area of the house from another.

chrismer cabin remodeling