Lost & Found Furniture Collection

From on October 01, 2009 in Green Remodeling

What if a tree fell by your house? Would it ever occur to you to look beyond the problem to the pragmatic? Beyond the lost to the found? That’s exactly what Dave Cameron and Toby Hadden have accomplished in their London-based studio. They transform fallen trees and trash piles into environmental treasures. And look what shows up on their doorstep.

lost and found wood stoollost and found wood stool The Lost & Found Furniture Collection combines redone stools, chair frames and table legs with slices of wood to make their furnishings. According to the designers, this collection “reflects the throwaway culture of today and addresses the issue of disregarded furniture.”

lost-and found wood stool

The contrast between paint and wood is what catches the eye; the dramatic color choices mixed with natural grains are quite visually striking. And these pieces look fairly simple to put together for the craftsperson with a spare afternoon. We challenge you to think outside the Ikea box. Just be sure to send us pictures when you’re finished.

lost and found wood furniture stool