Lightweight Living Meets the Great Outdoors

From on November 15, 2010 in Green Remodeling

sustainable home windows

We think home and we think shelter. We think of its barrier from the outdoors as a plus. Yet this residence 100 miles south of Brisbane, Australia shows us the bliss of merging with the outdoors—rather than pushing back against it.

Creating such thin boundaries between and exterior and interior can be risky, but this subtropical climate and fertile farmland (think surf mecca and cattle-raising) is the perfect place to do so.

sustainable home landscaping

Clients Louise Kropach and Ross Catlow were up to the task of living in a lightweight, sustainable house made of glass and steel. Constructed of a pared-down diagram and plan, the repeated elements and stretched veranda figure is the paragon of economical architecture.

sustainable home living room

The couple moved to the site when Kropach faced health issues, hoping the change from Sydney scenery would improve conditions. This opened up a chance for her to return to caring for horses, and she now uses their home as a horse-training business. Catlow also gets a natural reprieve from his high-tech commercial flight engineering work when he comes home to such simplicity.

sustainable home horses

The couple truly merges with the outdoors. As their architect James Grose says, “This house demonstrates that you can interact with, rather than impose yourself on, the natural landscape.” This couple has created an Edenic space of nature to call home.