Life-size Lego Furniture

From on September 08, 2009 in Green Remodeling

I’ve often wondered if my kids’ Lego collection is extensive enough to completely cover their room. I swear, if they snapped all of their pieces together in one column, they could talk to the Man in the Moon nose-to-nose. Of course, that would be crazy, only a lunatic would try such a thing.


lunablocks lego furniture

As luck would have it, Lunatic Construction now furnishes Legos that they call LunaBlocks, just in case any of us wacky adults never got in enough Lego building time in our youth. The blocks come in glass, metal, soft and pillow textures to allow for the construction of anything from coffee tables to loveseats.

Although I’m pretty sure my level of home décor and sophistication is far beyond wanting to see Lego Land in my living room, my kids would really dig building-block beds, tables and bookshelves in their room.

lunablocks lego table

One of the coolest features of the Lunatic collection is that you just order the pieces and construct your own creation. It truly is Lego-building. What’s even greater is that just like your little ones, when you tire of your creation or find that it isn’t as stable or cool as you’d originally thought, you can simply reshape it into another design. One day it’s a table for doing homework, the next day it’s a shoe rack.

The only problem that I see with this system is that it looks so easy that even your five-year-old could do it. And you know what that means, right? If you don’t actually have a five-year-old handy, you’re sunk. Luckily, I have a 10-year old, so that’s like having two five-year-olds, right? And a husband with Peter Pan syndrome, so that’s like a whole classroom of five-year-olds. They’d have a blast building furniture and real-life items out of these humongous Legos, which really do come in bright, primary Lego-style colors. I’m just not sure how that would go with my French impressionist art collection or shelves of classic literature.