Life in a Modern Greenhouse

From on February 10, 2010 in Green Remodeling

modern greenhouse remodeling

Have you ever been standing in just the precise spot in front of a window where the sun’s rays come through powerfully enough to warm your entire body? Project Greenhouse, any cat’s dream, does just that. It’s constructed of steel, glass and polycarbonate plates to successfully trap heat in the same way a greenhouse does. It was conceived by architect Carl Verdickt and is located in Belgium.

modern greenhouse windows lightingInsulated glass also creates an opaque effect to provide privacy in certain sections. The main floor gives maximum advantage to the views, while the private rooms seem like captain’s quarters “below deck.”

modern greenhouse loftmodern greenhouse kitchen

Inside, the home is light, airy and open. Simply and cleanly furnished, it’s spacious and completely amenable to lounging or entertaining, with a rotating fireplace and cool loft.

modern greenhouse cabinets

It’s getting hot in here, and this abode proves that home heating can be affordable and ecologically sound.

modern greenhouse bathroom