Ideas for Remodeling with Recycled Glass Tile

From on July 03, 2008 in Green Remodeling

recycled glass tileWhether used in the kitchen, the bathrooms, or on the floor, there are numerous uses for tile throughout a house. Some of the traditional favorites include natural stones, ceramic, and porcelain; but how about recycled glass tile? What is it exactly, and where can you incorporate it within your remodel?

Recycled glass tiles are made from crushing old glass bottles and other glass items and then re-forming them into glass tiles. The glass is crushed into a powder, color is added, and then the tile is pressed into a mold. The tiles are then baked at high temperatures. Most glass tiles offered by manufacturers are made from 100% recycled glass. As this article “6 manufacturers of eco-friendly recycled glass tiles” posted on demonstrates, recycled glass tiles are simply beautiful.

The uses for recycled glass tiles are endless. They can be used for flooring, showers, countertops, backsplashes, around pools, and as wall tiles. There is a wider range of color options available with recycled glass than with some of the other tile products.

Heralded as the only “truly green” tile, recycled glass is rapidly growing in popularity. Although more expensive than other tile materials, recycled glass tiles are durable and will add unique beauty to whatever location you choose to use them throughout your home. Request free estimates from pre-screened tiling and flooring contractors in your area to discover your tiling options.