How a Young Barcelona Couple Brought Green into Their Kitchen

From on May 04, 2010 in Green Remodeling

Just about everyone wants to green their home in some way or another. The best place to start is with the most energy-hogging room of the house—the kitchen. Ready to get inspired, encouraged, and motivated to cut your energy bills? Check out how this Barcelona couple did a smart (and hip) kitchen makeover, dubbed the R3project, and ended up with one of the greenest kitchens in Spain.

From the Ground Up

spain green kitchen flooring

Starting with the kitchen floor, they invested in 100% recycled tile materials. Besides being fun and beautiful, these tiles come from a company committed to sustainability.

Recycled Wine Box Cabinets

spain green kitchen cabinets
The first thing you notice when walking into the kitchen is the unique cabinetry. They’re custom-made from recycled wooden wine boxes, complete with the original stamped labels. The upper cabinets are not cabinets at all, but are made from stainless steel durable shelving.

spain green kitchen drawers

The upside of this creative approach is the material saving quality and durability of this method. Plus, they had an excuse to drink a ton of nice wine.

Cutting Down on Water Waste

spain green kitchen faucet

Beginning with the kitchen faucet, the couple ratcheted down their water usage by installing a low-flow tap. They have plans to buy a water-saving dishwasher and filter for their drinking water.

Tiny Energy

The couple uses appliances when they have to, but only A+ rated energy-efficient appliances. All the lights, when they are on, are burning CFL bulbs.

Green Clean

spain green kitchen cleaning

Not only is the kitchen built green, but it’s kept green with the natural cleaning products that the couple uses.

Chow Down.

spain green kitchen food

Even the edibles are green in this kitchen. The couple uses completely local, organic fresh produce. Food is served on reusable and recyclable glassware. Leftovers? They enrich the compost bin.

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