Have a Green, Green Holiday

From on November 13, 2007 in Green Remodeling

Green, green holidaysAccording to the California Integrated Waste Management Board, an extra million tons of waste are generated each week in the U.S. alone between Thanksgiving and New Year. And each year, Americans throw out enough ribbon to tie a bow around the earth. All this extra stuff takes energy to generate and winds up clogging landfills. We’re encouraging you to move away from holiday extravagance toward reducing waste and promoting simple savings measures. Here are some tips for greener holiday décor.

  • Recycle the lights you used last year. If you need an upgrade, try switching to LED lights or solar-powered Christmas lights.
  • Switch to green fire logs that are petroleum free.
  • Enjoy a living tree. Making artificial trees requires burning fossil fuels, whereas living trees come from managed farms or thinning forest areas. Furthermore, a natural tree can be recycled once the holidays are over.
  • Avoid giving away plastic junk toys that wind up at the dump or in the donation bag. The manufacturing, packaging, and transportation costs of these toys are high on you and the environment, especially when their shelf life at home is so short.
  • Conserve energy. Simply having company during the holidays reduces heating costs as each person increases the level of heat circulating in the home. Other quick energy saving tips that won’t cost you a thing include covering your pots while cooking, wearing a sweater and lowering the heat, and insulating your water heater.

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