The Greenbelt Prefabs in all Their Glory

From on March 03, 2011 in Green Remodeling

wieler greenbelt prefab

You probably already know that prefab homes, with their pre-cut, low-waste construction parts, are already greener than most traditional homes. But now Wieler, in partnership with Ralph Rapson and Associates, has taken that eco-friendly commitment to a whole new level. Enter the collection of Rapson Greenbelt prefabs.

greenbelt prefab starter

Light-filled and modern in design, the Greenbelt collection has three general designs to choose from: the Starter, which has 1 bedroom, 1 bath and 576 square feet of space, the Greenbelt 1 with 3 bedrooms and 1,560 square feet, and finally the Greenbelt 2 with 5 bedrooms and an ample 2,660 square feet.

piloti greenbelt prefab

If your taste is a bit more unique, you can choose from the Greenbelt Piloti for small or challenging home sites, the Greenbelt Walkout for sloped sites, and the Greenbelt Townhouse for multifamily living.

greenbelt prefab passive solar energy

Just like the original 1940’s Ralph Rapson prefab design, these homes use passive solar energy collection through the natural sunlight pouring in the large number of windows. Not only does this optimize the natural heating and cooling of the home, but also cuts back on the use of electricity.

greenbelt prefab additions

In addition, the design of the prefab allows for building onto the home as needed. So a young couple could potentially begin in the starter home and continue to add on modules as their family grows, resulting in a more manageable carbon footprint.

greenbelt eco-friendly prefab

The truth is, these homes aren’t just better for the environment—they are impressively chic as well. And that’s the best of both worlds.