Green Wednesday: WaterSense Recognizes Outstanding Partners

From on November 05, 2008 in Green Remodeling

WaterSenseNow that fall has arrived with cooler temperatures and an occasional rainstorm, I can finally stop dreading opening the water bill. Even though we live in Oregon, our summer was still hot and dry, and my lush landscape began to take on a seemingly permanent wilted and yellow appearance, no matter how many hours I spent moving hoses and sprinkles. I am resolved to address my irrigation issues this year so that next summer is easier and less expensive.

Water is an invaluable resource. The WaterSense Program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, promotes products and methods that work to conserve water. This makes it easier for consumers to conserve water by purchasing efficient, new fixtures and products.

Just recently, WaterSense announced the first recipients of the WaterSense Partners of the Year Awards. The companies are recognized and awarded for their work in encouraging water conservation amongst their consumers. Here are this year’s list of awardees:

  • The Promotional Partner of the Year was The Saving Water Partnership – a collaboration between Seattle public utilities and 17 participating local water utilities.
  • The Manufacturer Partner of the Year was awarded to the Kohler Company, a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures.
  • The Retailer and Distributor Partner of the Year was given to Ferguson, a large wholesale distributer of plumbing supplies.
  • The final category, Irrigation Partner of the Year , was given to the president of two Minnesota irrigation farms, Timothy Malooly of Shorewood, Minnesota.

Learn more water conserving methods and tips from the WaterSence website. If you need help upgrading your home irrigation and fixtures, request free estimates from prescreened landscaping contractors and plumbing contractors to do what you can on the home front.