Green Wednesday: Water Saving Remodeling

From on June 11, 2008 in Green Remodeling

Water DripRemember the days when your parents would pound on the bathroom door and tell you that a 45-minute shower was more than enough? Like many of the concepts our parents tried so desperately to get us to understand, conserving water has always been a concern. In their day, it was more the water bill that they were concerned about. Today, that is still a consideration, but the overall conservation of our resources is even more important. If you are planning a renovation within your home, here are a few areas where you can install some water-saving techniques.

The EPA steps in where our parents left off with the WaterSense assistance program, whose mission is to preserve our nation’s water supply. By screening different fixtures and products, the agency determines which ones adhere to their standards for water efficiency. Their site offers numerous tips and references to guide you to products.

In your bathroom, choose low-flow toilets, sinks, and shower heads. Consider installing a small hot-water heater in the bathroom for more direct heating and to reduce the amount of water you must run before you get the desired temperature. Tankless waterheaters are one option.

There are also ways to reduce water in the kitchen. Choose a water conserving dishwasher, or if you don’t use many dishes, consider hand washing. Eliminating the garbage disposal is another way to cut down on water usage.

Exterior steps you can take include reducing the size of your lawn and water-guzzling plants, along with installing an efficient irrigation system. Deep watering less frequently is better for the plants and water supply than frequent watering.

Request free-estimates from plumbing and landscaping contractors to properly prepare your home for the coming water shortages. They’re predicted in over 36 states in the next five years!