Green Wednesday: Shopping for Energy-Efficient Windows

From on August 27, 2008 in Green Remodeling

fas logoAccording to Ernie Wilding of FAS Windows & Doors, not all windows are energy efficient. All the windows sold at FAS are energy efficient, but this isn’t the case for every company. Ernie gives the following advice to homeowners ready to shop around for windows:

  • Look for a full service company, a company that offers a full variety of windows, styles, and colors, and a showroom to display their products.
  • Look for a company that offers value, not a cheap price. You do get what you pay for.
  • Look for a company that offers a full-service team and a long-term labor warranty to handle any problem that arises.
  • Look for Energy Star certification.

Quality and Price

For most, price is the first consideration during the buying process. For those on a tight budget, Ernie recommends a builder-grade vinyl window. Those who can afford them should go for higher-end, wood clad products with impact glass. “It is hard to determine the average price of a window, Ernie says. “The reason is type of product, style, color, and type of installation. All these factors will determine the price. FAS gives a real price with a full written estimate so the consumer can make an informed decision.”

Brand Differentiation

If your head is swimming between all the different brands, from Andersen to Gorell, Ernie has the following advice:

“The major difference is product make-up and price. Andersen and Eagle are wood clad windows. These windows come with a wood interior and a vinyl or aluminum clad exterior. These products come in 60 exterior colors and 9 spices of woods interior. Gorell or Simonton vinyl windows are vinyl throughout. You can select limited exterior colors.”

Repair vs. Replacement

Sometimes, repairing rather than replacing a broken window can save you money. In other instances, it only means higher energy costs and a visual eyesore. ” I believe if you have a leaking or broken window if should be replaced rather than repaired,” Ernie says. “The cost savings in energy (not to mention curb appeal) should pay for the products over time. A repair is only putting off the inevitable.”

FAS Windows & Doors is a CalFinder-certified, full line window provider.