Green Wednesday Post: Wowed By “25 Incredible Personal Biodomes”

From on October 29, 2008 in Green Remodeling


It was back in the 70s when I first heard of a biodome and saw one in a magazine. It was quite the talk for awhile between my father-in-law and the family; he was always looking for ways to better his environment. But I hadn’t heard too much about them since. Today, biodomes are gaining in popularity due to the need to better our environment and the general way we live.

The article, “25 Incredible Personal Biodomes,” lists 25 types, permanent and temporary, that could easily be built at low costs and in an environmentally friendly manner, even for a do-it-yourselfer.

Looking more closely at the 25 domes and some of the links for the manufacturers, I was impressed. The costs can get high, but overall, it’s much cheaper than even a traditional manufactured home. Most come in kits that two people can frame up in about two days. Yes, the whole project would take longer, say 9 months or so, but what home doesn’t? Claims of energy efficient by most of the building manufacturers are impressive and several of the designs are completely green, complying with all environmental codes for each area.

I was especially impressed with a manufacturer located here in the Northwest, called Domes Northwest. Not only did these homes wow me, but the site was very informative.

In fact, many of the sites for the 25 biodomes were very informative and educational, including those for Energy Structure, Good Karma Domes, and Hilltop Dome House. Going by these sites, I asked myself why a green homebuilder wouldn’t want to build a dome? With so many natural disasters that have occurred of late, many of these homes located within susceptible areas have proven themselves to withstand whatever may come their way, be it a hurricane (Dome Incorporated), tornado (Mountain View), or freezing conditions (Sigler Residence). And if the average dome isn’t what you are looking for, there are plenty of possibilities for other personal and travel uses catering to locations the world over.

I really enjoyed researching some of these sites and learned a good deal about biodome homes and buildings. I invite you to check out this post and the links attached, especially if you are looking at building a home in the future and feeling a little “if-y” about the economy: 25 Incredible Personal Biodomes. Building a biodome may be a good alternative all-the-way-around, excuse the pun.

Photo Credit: Dome of a Home