Green Wednesday: Looking Out for Green Giveaways

From on June 11, 2008 in Green Remodeling

free pensThe push to go green is becoming a world-wide effort, and to promote awareness, many companies and businesses are giving out green incentives both at tradeshows and in general. Companies love handing out freebees because consumers are more likely to remember them longer, and it actually ends up being more of an inexpensive form of advertising. The following items are great to look out for and to use for your own promotional purposes.

  1. Light bulbs. The Girl Scouts are partnering with PG&E to hand out CFL light bulbs to residential neighborhoods. Look up your local chapter to see if they are doing something similar.
  2. Lead-free compact flash drives are designed to encourage people to use less paper. These handy little drives are frequently handed out as promotional items, but if you want one, they can also be purchased.
  3. Hand-cranked flashlight is a nifty little tool that will always work.
  4. Recycled pencils, pens, and cups. Why can’t these products always be made from recycled materials?
  5. Water-powered clock is an example of one of the many items that can be fully operational without the use of electricity or batteries.
  6. Organic hygiene products and other household items, such as lotions, shampoos, tissue, towels, and a long list of various household items are frequently used for promotional purposes.
  7. Organic cotton apparel. What better place to print your logo?
  8. Recycled calendars, post-its, and plantable post cards. Most businesses use many paper products, and the more that can be produced out of recycled materials, the better.

What better way to show your company is progressive and up to speed with the current trends and desires of consumers? It’s a pretty ingenious concept if you think about it, and as consumers, we get to reap the benefits. You might even gain something helpful and environmentally responsible to incorporate into your daily life or home remodel.