Green Wednesday: Greening Your Home Buying

From on May 21, 2008 in Green Remodeling

If you are one of the growing number of people inspired to choose a greener way of life, it will probably be a big consideration for you when shopping for a new home. You can always make the changes after you move in, but why not start out with a home that is closer to your end goal? Most people have heard of green living by now, but not every realtor is that concerned about marketing those features in homes. As you will probably be faced with doing most of the legwork yourself, some of these helpful tips with assist you in your search. Begin by expressing your wish list of features to your realtor. These might include energy efficiency, eco-friendly building materials, efficient irrigation systems, and the overall condition of the air quality both inside and out. Need some help finding good help? TreeHugger recommends EcoBroker and Modern Green Living. Once you find a home you are interested in, do an inspection. For best results, hire a professional trained to look for leaking windows, check for missing insulation, and test the HVAC systems for energy efficiency. In your inspection, don’t overlook appliances, lighting sources, and any signs of mold or mildew. Decide which renovations are needed before agreeing to a price. Unless you can find the perfect home that is completely solar powered and built according to LEED guidelines, chances are that additional greening will be needed. Also to consider: location. Will this one suit your lifestyle? Whether it be growing a garden, composting, or raising animals, you want a home that is conducive to achieving that goal. Consider how the location of a home can impact your carbon footprint. Can you walk to nearby shops and restaurants rather than driving? Can you bike to work? These are all important factors to consider. Although the concept of green living is still in the maturing stages, you don’t have to abandon your ideals when shopping for a new home. Additional resources: