Green Wednesday: Green Home Designers

From on November 26, 2008 in Green Remodeling

More and more examples of green homes are cropping up on the Internet for inspiration and study. There are also more designers entering the green field. Green home designers are emerging with gusto as environmentally sound home building, remodeling, and interior design are appealing to growing numbers of people. Since architects and designers are always at the leading edge of trends and styles, it’s no wonder that they have laid the foundation for their clients with years of study and practical experience in the green field. Whether you are planning to build a green home, incorporating green elements into an existing home, or simply study the trend, here is a range of Green Home Designers whose work involves green building, architecture, or design.

  1. ZeroEnergy Design, an architectural design and mechanical engineering firm, will be showcasing their newly completed net zero energy home as part of both the 2008 Green Buildings Open House held annually by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) and the National Solar Energy Tour held annually by the American Solar Energy Association (ASEA) as sponsored by the US Department Of Energy. The informational piece posted on the Building Green blog talks about the showcased residence, which “utilizes a combination of attributes to achieve net zero energy performance. First, energy requirements of the home are reduced by passive means, including attributes like staggered stud walls with foam insulation. Then the active systems throughout the house are selected for energy efficiency, such as the geothermal system which provides all of the heating and cooling. Lastly, renewable energy systems are sized to off-set the annual energy consumption as predicted by detailed energy modeling software. The end result is a grid tied home that utilizes net metering to spin its electric meter backwards and produces as much energy from renewable sources as it consumes.”
  2. Living Spaces Design, a Portland based company owned by Beth Meredith and Eric Storm, specializes in looking at the whole system of a household and recommending a wide range of green strategies, from behavioral changes to furniture and remodeling solutions. Their work has been featured in Good Green Homes and other books, and their website shows a portfolio of projects ranging from whole house to kitchen and bathroom remodels. You will also find a useful list of resources and information that is compiled for ready reference and written in a warm and welcoming style for even newbies to the green field.
  3. Linda Woodrum, HGTV Dream Home designer, is now giving tips for environmentally friendly decorating in HGTV’s Green Home division. For homeowners who are looking for easy ways to break into “green think,” Woodrum gives ideas for lovers of the French country or traditional look, and says, “You don’t have to throw out everything you own and start with a new look. We’re going to help you sustain the environment with your own personal style.”
  4. Vicky Opperman of Opperman Design, has a Master’s in Architecture and experience as a licensed contractor. She says she is considered “a designer,” although a tour of her website shows her knowledge base in architecture and contracting. Her design firm specializes in Green Home Design. Among the interesting and educational aspects of her project portfolio, you’ll find not only photos, but project descriptions and details, including answers to the question What Makes It Green? The company specializes “in client-oriented, green home design solutions which integrate thoughtful use of less toxic building materials and practices with a team approach.”