Green Wednesday: Fun Ideas for Throwing an Eco-Friendly House Party

From on July 23, 2008 in Green Remodeling

partyYou hear more often than not, “Let’s go green!” Why not put that together with “Let’s party?” So, “Let’s have a green party!” Utilize some of these tips, along with your own ideas, and you will have an eco-friendly, fun, unforgettable party.

Theme your party, add some spunk.

Theme the party according to what people will wear, the transportation they arrive in, or by food and décor.

  • You can easily theme a green, eco-friendly party with hemp and organic cotton and fresh fruit and veggies for eatin.’
  • For décor, you can use recycled fabric, glass, or crafts that you made from other objects, such as candles made from crayons.
  • You can also add beauty by decorating with potted plants; this way they are fresh and beautiful to look. They can also be given as party favors.

Create the party mood.

For a fun time, play music rather than listening to the radio. This way you are saving energy, and having a blast with your friends by having an interactive party that everyone can enjoy. A great way to create the party mood can be done with the type of lighting you use.

  • If your party is at night, use fluorescent lighting; these bulbs have less carbon footprint.
  • Use candles. A great aspect about using candles is they come with different types of scents, and even bug repellent.
  • Or, just have your party at midday; the sun creates an energetic mood for your guests.

Using these tips and just being yourself, you can make every party you host memorable and eco-friendly.