Green Wednesday: Beyond Earth Day, 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Green

From on April 23, 2008 in Green Remodeling

We’re all for celebrating the earth - on a daily basis. Here are some ways you can help the earth, and your home, stay green, beyond Earth Day and onward to every CalFinder-hosted Green Wednesday to come.

  1. Weather stripping – your AC. The days are getting steadily warmer. In the winter it was all about caulking around your windows and doors, in the spring and summer, weather strip the seams around your air conditioning unit. This will provide better insulation, keeping your bill lower.
  2. Still have a standard water heater? Consider a switch. Your alternatives include solar, gas tankless, gas condensing, and heat pump water heaters, all which use less energy.
  3. Clean your appliances. Not only will you feel more organized and efficient in running your household, your appliances will run better too. So replace worn parts and get those refrigerator vents nice and clean.
  4. Use the handy power switch on your power strip. You don’t need a fancy power strip to get all those vampire electronics off standby mode. Plug ‘em all in at once, and then, turn them all off with a single flick.
  5. Insulate air ducts. Yes, the attic and basement are important, but so are all those thin, metal ducts located there. Talk to your HVAC contractor about insulating these spaces, and save 10 to 30 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your home.
  6. Plant things. They’ll grow and beautify your home, and they’ll provide shade for your home that keeps your cooling bill down.
  7. Got a car in the garage? Keep the tires inflated at the proper levels. This is safer and will save you money on precious fuel.
  8. Let the daylight in. Windows and skylights can add character as well as light to your home. Clerestory windows, for instance, are installed above eye level to create an entire level of light while maintaining privacy in your home.
  9. Use free fuel to heat your home. That’s what solar water heaters run on, sunlight. Last we checked, it hasn’t been patented yet.
  10. If you can get away with fixing, repair rather than replace. It costs less and the product you’re holding on to may be more valuable than some of the synthetic alternatives likely to replace it.

Happy greening!