Green Wednesday: 5 Green Products that Do Not Compromise Design

From on November 12, 2008 in Green Remodeling

5 green products

Green building is not just a trend, it is a necessity as we try to offset damage done to the Earth’s sensitive ecosystem. Still the misconception that green building compromises design and aesthetics persists in many minds. In response, green designers and manufacturers are continually producing ideas and products that defy that notion. The spectrum of renewable and aesthetically pleasing green products grows wider every day. There are far too many to list here. Following are five products or materials that exemplify the close relationship between green building and uncompromising design:

  1. Recycled Decking. The idea that recycled or composite decks are shoddy and lacking in taste is quickly flying out the window. In fact they look and breathe like wood, require much less maintenance and are often cheaper than high-end, nonrenewable decks (i.e., redwood).
  2. Recycled Glass tile and countertops achieve many beautiful colors and designs. Ever wonder what happens to all those empty wine, beer, and soda bottles when you recycle them? Take one look at your countertop or backsplash and realize the potential beauty of recycling.
  3. American Clay is an alternative to traditional paint and stucco that offers sustainability and actually improves the air quality of your home. And don’t think your house has to be that reddish-brown of the clay you walk on or dig up. American Clay comes in 35 colors. Just add water!
  4. Cork Floors are not only sustainable; Harvested only from the bark of the tree, they have a wide array of benefits. They come in many colors and are natural shock and sound absorbers. Literally 50 percent of a cork flooring is made up of air, resulting in a soft, silent, and durable flooring option for the kitchen and beyond.
  5. Built-in Recycling is a great way to move the task of recycling beyond necessity and into convenience without sacrificing a bit of design. Rev-A-Shelf is just one manufacturer of cabinetry that integrates ethical waste management into an overall eco-friendly kitchen design.

Again, these are just five products available for the green-minded designer. Just about any building material, whatever your project, can be made green and beautiful without compromising design. Need help getting started? Get free estimates from green builders and remodelers in your area today.