Green Methods to Control Insect Infiltration Into your Home

From on May 29, 2008 in Green Remodeling

ant-donut.jpgAlong with the spring flowers and warmer days come the insects: creeping, crawling, and biting their way into our lives. When you see that ant trail streaming across your kitchen floor, or that fresh outbreak of baby spiders, you just want them gone. Sometimes in a pinch, it’s hard to think, “What is the most eco-friendly way I can keep the ants out of my food?” That is why it helps to have your pest control program in place before the moment of battle strikes.

Hire a green pest control agency. They do exist, and as this article

points out, they’re flourishing. Businesses such as this one will exterminate your little enemies with a full line of botanical and organic insecticides made out of essential oils.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was first discussed in 1967 but has taken until recently to become widely used. IPM is a strategy that focuses on the root of the pest problem, preventing it from reoccurring. This philosophy includes following a sequence of preventative steps.

  • Observe and monitor how the insects are entering the home and yard.
  • Look to eliminate conditions that are attracting them and facilitating their survival.
  • Consider the extent that you’d be willing to co-exist with some pests and only take action once the pest infiltration level has past your breaking point.

Besides the use of organic products, there are other controls such as beneficial insects, traps, baits, and sticky tape. Living green is a complete way of life. You eat organic food, use organic cleaning products, and conserve your environment; so it only makes sense to extend that way of living to your pest control as well. Talk with your pre-certified landscaping contractor about developing a completely green program throughout your home and garden.

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