Green, Sleek and Down-to-Earth Lake House Remodel

From on October 11, 2010 in Green Remodeling

green lake home remodel

On a wooded property 25 miles north of Seattle, in Lake Forest, Washington, this rugged, chic and completely renovated 1950’s home makes the average lake house pale in comparison.

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green lake home living room

In keeping with the original simplicity of the home, new and innovative materials were layered atop the old to create a strong contrast of texture and color. Smooth surfaces meet up with deliberately rougher ones to create a unique juxtaposition.

For instance, the original hemlock ceiling with exposed fir beams shown here was retained while existing terrazzo flooring was refinished in a sleek contemporary color.

green lake home kitchen

Consistent with other works by Finne Architects, this house exhibits the concept of “crafted modernism,” which seeks to offer modernist aesthetics with personal crafted materials and objects. The glass walls, laser-cut steel shade valences, and the cast-glass kitchen counter are some examples of the individual attention paid to each Finne remodel.

green lake home bathroom

The concept of sustainability was vital to this home’s renovation. Radiant heating under the flooring creates a heat source with maximum energy efficiency.

green lake home clerestory windows

High clerestory windows bring natural light in, and throughout the house green materials were used.

Finne Architects shows how good green design isn’t just accumulating green materials for the sake of sustainability alone, but is instead a way to build a personal, intimate home that will last for years and years.