Green Interiors: Plastic Bottle Curtains & Fun Paper Lounge

From on September 16, 2009 in Green Remodeling

michelle brand green interiorsGreen interiors are all about earth-friendly design and construction. British artist Michelle Brand takes the concept to a whole new level. After collecting mountains of plastic bottles, she crafts that waste into an art form and fabric. Turn a bottle over and look… you’ll see the five-petal flower shape that Brand transforms into “Flowerfall” curtains and “Cascade” room dividers and lighting. When she finishes cutting, sanding and stringing together the plastic, it’s no longer a $1.50 soft drink. Brand’s lighting fixtures range from $3,250 for a 6-foot fixture to $7,600 for a 14-footer. “The root of my interests lies in sustainable waste management,” she says. “I love seeing design opportunities where most people only see problems.”

michelle brand green plastic bottle chandeliermichelle brand plastic bottle curtains

What could possibly top those curtains? How about craft paper furniture made from 50% recycled paper? The geniuses at Molo Design in Vancouver, Canada utilize a honeycomb structure to support body weight and allow for endless furniture rearrangement possibilities. The paper can be compressed like an accordion when it’s time to store it away or fanned out into a coiling, dynamic office lounge for employees. Let’s just hope this stuff is flame-retardant…

michelle brand green interiors paper lounge couch