Good for the Environment, Good for the Baby

From on October 30, 2007 in Green Remodeling

Earth conscious parents start their kids on organic products and practices while they’re “still green.” There’s plenty of inspiration on the web for eco-friendly ideas in the nursery. We’ve done some rooting around for you and have found everything from green playrooms and blankets to green bouncers and diapers. Some of these products or ideas help the earth by reducing landfill amounts. Some are made with natural materials that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. All of them encourage making the earth a better place for your little one to grow up in. Green Playroom recently put out a blog post on Creating a Safe, Healthy Playroom. According to the post, a green playroom uses natural materials that are healthier for baby because they emit less toxins and VOCs. At the same time, natural materials often hold up better than synthetic products and resist mold and mildew, which children can be especially susceptible to. Other playroom suggestions include using salvaged material to add fun and personality, using nature-inspired paint colors, taking advantage of natural light, and using cork underfoot for softness, moisture resistance, and hypoallergenic quality. Green Baby Blanket encourages Green Family Values through the perfect gift for baby: an organically grown baby blanket. This blanket by Robbie Adrian is not produced with harsh pesticides and chemicals. It is a U.S.A.-made, organic fiber blanket that is also stylish and luxurious. gDiapers These gDiapers promoted by Shelterrific’s Notes from the Nursery contain flushable inserts to reduce the casualties of non-biodegradable diapers that overflow landfills. Sounds like a good idea to us. Green Baby Bouncers These bouncers by Kineticel, promoted by, are designed to curb the consumption of D-sized batteries often used to power baby products. Once they die, batteries are considered hazardous waste material due to containing metals and acids. This product helps to curb battery consumption with a rechargeable battery option.