Exercising a Renewable Resource: Political Will

From on December 14, 2007 in Green Remodeling

Less than a week ago, Al Gore accepted the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to curb man-made climate change. In his speech, Gore mentioned that one renewable resource in particular can lead the way toward action: political will. Renewable resources are usually associated with sunlight, wind, wood, or water, natural forms of energy that can be replenished over time. We don’t often include our actions or viewpoints on this list, but come to think of it, our potential to act based on individual intention is virtually limitless. Thinking on it even further, it’s easy to get inspired by others with like-minded intentions, to replenish the wellspring of motivation when it tends to run dry. Transferring this concept to the home, it’s easy to see why energy efficient homes that revolve around reducing, reusing, and recycling are considered revolutionary. Even when you don’t make it all the way to net zero energy use or exert your will on the picket line, your political will can take effect through simple actions and everyday choices. Think about the ways you used it today. Did you recycle, replace an old appliance with an energy efficient model, shop with your own tote bag, or select a green retailer over the superstore for your grasshopper green paint? All the latest solar innovations and eco-friendly products are encouraging to see. Even more encouraging are the numbers of people willing to use them.