Eco-Friendly Clay Plaster Walls

From on October 13, 2009 in Green Remodeling

For a rich texture and natural wall surfaceClay Plaster Bathroom

As an alternative to stucco, wallpaper and paint, you can turn to clay earth plaster to create a truly unique design. All-natural clay plaster adds warmth, architectural interest and textured beauty to your wall surfaces. It’s suitable for any home style, be it Spanish, Tudor or modern. Clay plaster walls are also a natural substitute for air conditioning and heating; the material keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Best of all – it’s so easy to apply, you can do it yourself.

Unlike cement, gypsum, lime and acrylic plasters, clay plaster is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic. There are no VOCs or toxic properties. It’s a non-dusting, fade-resistant, non-flammable, and mold-resistant material that absorbs odors, noise, and keeps the utility bills down.

Clay Plaster Kitchen

One great eco-friendly company that produces clay plaster is American Clay Natural Earth Plasters. Their material is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. and they only use natural clays and recycled aggregates. You can mix color with the clay or apply its natural color and paint over it. They offer 43 color choices, as well as numerous custom colors.

Finishes include Loma, which gives you a huge range of surfacing possibilities like added shredded straw or colored glass chips; Porcelina, a finish that lends the appearance of honed marble; and Marittimo, a crushed shell aggregate that provides speckle and depth. All three finishes can be hand-troweled or sprayed on.

Clay Plaster

American Clay also offers Enjarre, a spray-on clay that you texture after one or two coats. You can apply it over drywall, plasterboard, masonry and CMU blocks to achieve a nice, even, rich surface. The product is 100% VOC-free and comes in eight colors.

Clay Plaster FireplaceAmerican Clay is consumer-friendly; they offer a video on how to mix and apply their clay, as well as hands-on creativity workshops held by dealers around the country. To help make your color decision easier, they offer all 43 hues on a color wheel for a small fee, or you can order two-pound and five-pound samples of pre-colored plaster to try it out first.

Clay plaster is easy to repair and can be applied to brick, board, plaster undercoat, plaster board or gypsum. You can create smooth or rough textures for one-of-a-kind walls, and because of its long drying time, the clay is easily reworked if you’re not happy with your trowel patterns. Clay plaster provides long-lasting durability and a look that says wow.