Dream House Alert: Remarkable Single-Family Home Design

From on December 09, 2009 in Green Remodeling

washington dream homeWow. This home design has left us speechless. Built for a couple of mountain guides in the heights of Washington state, this single-family housing complex is the quintessential forest lookout post with all of the modern nuances of eco-conscious construction.

washington dream home sidewalk

Designed by Johnston Architects PLLC and built by Tall Tree Construction, the pair of structures in the foothills above the Snoqualmie is home to Scott Schell and Margaret Wheeler. The residence was built in keeping with the serenity of the surrounding landscape and the ease of commuting to work - just a short trek down the mountain trail.

washington dream home

The home is sustainable in many ways and was built with LEED Certification in mind. In fact, the Schell-Wheeler project will soon be awarded LEED’s silver certificate.

Fallen trees in the surrounding area were collected and milled to become the home’s siding, fascia and trim. A ground-source heat pump supplies energy to the house and is aided by a preheating solar water system, making it exceedingly efficient. The interior of is infused with natural materials, mainly wood and stone with several steel reinforcements and accents.

washington dream home dining room

Light is one of the home’s biggest assets. Large glass expanses open the front side of each building to maximize natural heat and light.

washington dream home kitchen

These homes are incredibly sustainable. If Schell and Wheeler raised a few animals and grew a garden, they would literally never have to leave their little mountain hideaway.

washington dream home living roomwashington dream home bedroom