Dramatic Rise in Green Building Movement

From on November 13, 2009 in Green Remodeling

Americans, finally convinced we may outlast our resources unless we become more resourceful, are demanding efficient everything. And the government is not slack in pushing incentives to encourage the lean toward sustainability. green brickIn 2010, the stimulus package will promote weatherizing low-income houses and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, as well as giving tax credits for other energy-saving efforts. At the forefront for now are heating, cooling and roofing improvements. Guidelines for the upward movement of green:

  • Buy local
  • Build in moderation
  • Preserve and recycle instead of demolish and discard
  • Design by way of long-lasting and low-maintenance
  • Use energy and environmentally conscious materials

At least one foundation has come out of the vast movement to help promote that which must keep going forward. The Green Hive’s vision is to “promote community interaction, education, products and a green lifestyle.” Green’s pendulum has swung and it looks like it’s here to stay, in a big way.

How Do You Take Part?

To claim to be part of the rising green building movement, what requirements should be met? green homeThe most thorough green explanation comes from the EPA, in which green building takes a comprehensive approach. They recommend using processes that are eco-friendly throughout the building’s entire life-cycle, from site selection to design. That also includes:

  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Deconstruction

Also, the building should reduce overall impact on the natural environment and human health. No small task for any construction but nonetheless, even with requirements on the rise, so is green building.

Photo credit: CivicPlus & eBuild