Creative Recycled Home Hardware

From on September 17, 2009 in Green Remodeling

After GreenSage founder Elaine Ireland suffered from an environmental illness, she was determined to turn her misfortune around. By starting a recycled hardware company, she has made a difference for over 20 years. “The word sustainable refers to energy efficient, non-toxic, recycled, reclaimed, naturally resourced or biodegradable building materials and methods,” Ireland says. And GreenSage is steadfastly sustainable in its practices.

recycled home hardware greensageRecycled window panes and other waste glass are processed to “create treasures from yesterday’s trash.” GreenSage reinvests the earnings from the glass knobs back into the community by supporting St. Vincent de Paul, the largest lay Catholic charitable organization in the world.

Additional sustainable hardware is available, like these lead-free, pewter palm tree and bamboo knobs & pulls.

recycled hardware palm beach knobsEleek, another manufacturer of earth-friendly hardware, practices “green” by buying supplies within an 80-mile radius of their Portland shop, lighting up with green electricity and using recycled stock to make copies and molds that last for thousands of pours. Their rustic-looking Masa collection is named after a yummy local sushi chef. The line is made from 100% recycled aluminum from unusable screen doors and storm windows. And the company continues to seek higher levels of green performance.

recycled hardware eleek

Check out these Pebble Beach knobs by SpectraDecor. They’re made from lead-free pewter and 100% recycled glass and come in 10 different colors.

recycled hardware pebble beach knobs

The company also uses fused glass, cork, eco-resins, lead-free stainless steel and recycled aluminum from window frames and hub caps. The Fusion2 collection is the result of some serious, creative brainstorming.

recycled hardware te-ma knobs

And finally, Woodstock, NY, an artisan’s mecca after which the Woodstock Festival was named, is home to TE-MA. Originally a high-end furniture and antique retail store, TE-MA now produces Woodstock-worthy hardware and artistic knobs & pulls, some from recycled bottles and glass.