Cork, Bamboo, Rubber and Concrete: Eco-Flooring that Will Floor You

From on November 04, 2010 in Green Remodeling

We’ve gotten a lot of mail from folks interested in cork, rubber and eco-friendly flooring ideas. It’s hardly a secret anymore that these innovative materials are not only energy-smart choices for your home, but often look aesthetically better than traditional vinyl or forest-depleting hardwood. Check out these materials that are good for both the earth and your family. And for a quick price check on what it would cost to install flooring in your own home, click over here.

Soft & Stunning Cork

cork eco flooringCork could be considered comparable to parquet, without the noise. Insulating against extreme temperatures and softening the decibel level in your household, cork is soft to the touch while remaining durable in daily traffic and usage.

In fact, the material is so abrasion-resistant, cork is often used in public buildings like schools and hotels. Aesthetically, cork provides a warming color while not standing out too starkly in the space.

Recycled Rubber

rubber eco-flooringAlso featured in this kitchen: Paperstone Countertops, non-VOC paints and green-certified Crystal Cabinets

Notoriously durable for demanding environments like commercial gyms, rubber comes in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Many rubber flooring companies use 100% post-consumer material from recycled tires. Without the scent.

This Eco Surfaces case study shows how durable the surface remained after 2.3 million visitors to the Long Island Children’s Museum. This material sustains.

Beautiful Bamboo

bamboo eco-flooring

An equally eco and chic choice for home flooring, bamboo looks incredible without taking from the environment. Because the process is so similar to regular hardwood, contractors can install bamboo with little difficulty. Get in touch with one to learn more.

Why do we love bamboo so much? For starters, it’s grown from sustainable forests that replenish their losses faster than they cut them down, and is manufactured into smooth planks or tiles ready for traditional installation. While engineered bamboo can look as sleek as laminate or hardwood, consider solid unfinished bamboo, a cost-effective way to achieve an immaculate and seamless look in a finish of your choice.

Surprisingly Warm Concrete

concrete eco-flooring

Great for nearly any room in the house, concrete flooring looks sleek and smooth—and not cold like you might expect. Using less energy in production than most flooring types, concrete also sustains for years with minimal upkeep, and lowers your energy consumption in the process.

A concrete floor with radiant heat can more efficiently heat a home in the winter than traditional systems. Although you’ll need to reseal the floor a couple of times a year to keep it up (which compares with the effort of a semi-annual carpet clean), concrete is a great industrial-chic alternative.