“Cool Carpet” Helps Fight Global Warming?

From on May 25, 2010 in Green Remodeling

bentley prince eco-carpet

It amazes me to hear so many companies urging us to invest in their green or “energy efficient” new products, when actually their manufacturing waste and pollution far outweigh any real eco benefits.

That’s why it’s so fantastic to hear about a company creating something that’s practical and useful… without contributing to industrial-scale waste or poor air quality in your home.

bentley prince carpet rollsbentley prince eco-carpetBentley Prince Street of City of Industry, California has adopted what they call the Cool Carpet Program, whereby they strive to create all flooring products with zero greenhouse gas emissions. That means the products are as carbon-neutral as possible, complete with recycled materials and shortened manufacturing processes. They even reclaim their own products at the end of the chain.

bentley prince eco-friendly rug

Bentley Prince Street’s belief is that business owners should do everything in their power to be a role model for their community and the world-at-large. In doing so, they have created fabulous eco-friendly carpet tiles, loom carpets and rugs.

The catalogue shows a wide array of vibrant and muted colors, with both eye-catching and subtle patterns – a selection large and diverse enough to be at home in any style of residence.

Although the company has not found a way to make their products completely carbon-neutral, their diligence has brought them to the lowest possible pollutive manufacturing, reducing net greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product by 45 percent. What they haven’t been able to eradicate in their manufacturing process, they’ve neutralized by purchasing carbon credits to ensure that their products are of no further burden to the earth.