Green Wednesday: Container Houses

From on August 27, 2008 in General

container houseUsed for years to transport freight across the oceans, an abundance of unused and unwanted shipping containers were just lying around going to waste. That is, until someone had the ingenious idea to convert them into a practical purpose: housing.

The containers are shipped to the location, bolted together into the style of your choosing, and painted. Windows are installed and then the interior is built just like any other home. As you can see from these pictures, there is no limit to how you can finish them, creating your own very unique home. Already eco-friendly in the sense that you are recycling an otherwise useless heavy steel product, there are other ways to make this revolutionary concept green as well. The basic containers only cost $2,000-$3,000, leaving plenty of budget to convert them into your ideal residence. Incorporate solar panels, radiant heat systems, and energy efficient windows and appliances.

From start to finish, these homes are costing approximately $150 per square foot, which can be up to 20% cheaper than standard construction costs in some areas. A relatively new concept, there are only about 75 homes nationwide right now that are built out of these containers. Hopefully that will change as more people realize the affordability of these containers. Not only can they be used as temporary shelter in disaster situations, but they could be the answer to more affordable housing for many American families. Why not take something just going to waste and difficult to dispose of and turn it into a modern, contemporary useful purpose?