California Will Pay for Your New Appliances

From on November 06, 2009 in Green Remodeling

On the heels of the successful Cash for Clunkers trade-in program, the government has now allotted $300 million to encourage consumers to buy Energy Star appliances. $35.2 million of that funding has been allocated to the California Energy Commission, which will in turn pay substantial dividends to appliance buyers as early as spring 2010. energy efficient home remodelingThe main difference between the clunker and appliance program is that the appliances do not have to be traded in to receive the rebates. You can keep the old refrigerator and still get the discount on a new energy efficient model. The only stipulation is the updated appliance must have the Energy Star seal and be approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC). However, many Californians will most likely want to recycle their old inefficient appliances to reduce their power bills. Recycling old appliances gives others the chance to upgrade their even older equipment while giving the environment a much-needed break. Californians can also use Cash for Appliances in conjunction with other offers, like those from utility companies and organizations that offer additional savings. For example, the Sacramento Utility Company offers $100 rebates on energy efficient refrigerator purchases, and NV Energy in Nevada will actually come to your house, pick up your old working refrigerator, and pay you $30. Together with the Cash for Appliances reimbursement, your appliance may end up being the least expensive you’ll ever purchase while picking up the biggest savings on utilities.The CEC determined that three household appliances are eligible for the state’s rebates: refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. energy star home logoThe refrigerator topped the list since it’s one of your home’s biggest energy sappers, running energetically 24 hours a day throughout the year. The other two are also large energy users and Californians are being encouraged to do their part in the changeover to energy-saving appliances. California Rebate Amounts:

Each state is allowed to set their own rules and rebates, so check out your state’s guidelines for more information.

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