Beauty Meets Green in This Contemporary Gem

From on January 21, 2011 in Green Remodeling

contemporary green remodel

The most beautiful modern homes today merge eco-intelligence with aesthetic freshness. The owners of this home, Ed and Joanne Ellis, paid a small price of three years of work and anticipation for a home that will last for years, and actually helps reverse damage on the earth. This gorgeous sustainable home on Bainbridge Island, WA, achieves this marriage flawlessly.

contemporary green kitchen

And we’re not talking lame marginal name-only sustainability. This dwelling uses advanced heat-recovery technologies to reduce energy consumption by more than 70% compared to typical construction. The home uses geothermics, solar hot water, rainwater cisterns, and a vegetated roof.

contemporary green materialscontemporary green kitchen remodel

And house wasn’t made this way from scratch; the construction team put the home together from deconstructed material already on the site, diverting a whopping 98% of the property’s material from the landfill.

contemporary green bathroom

And the home is amazing for more than its green construction. This multi-use space offers many breathtaking views of Seattle and Puget Sound. It features an open living/dining room with views through spanning glass windows. The master bath has a sunken concrete tub, and a view. The vegetation roof offers nature, plus another a view. And a view and a view and a view.

contemporary green paving stone

Ed says that when he “saw the sunrise with the skyline of Seattle as a backdrop, the whole process was all worth it.” As a first LEED Platinum home outside of Seattle, we’re happy for the Ellises—and the fine example they’ve set.

contemporary green home