Bamboo, Bamboo Everywhere: 4 Earth-Friendly Room Screens

From on September 18, 2009 in Green Remodeling

Bamboo hasn’t just taken over the back part of the yard and the field across the street – the highly sustainable plant made its way indoors and is adjusting quite nicely. It’s like our outside dog that we thought would always be outside. One day, it walked on in and made the transition. It seems bamboo has done the same.

This makes perfect ecological sense. Bamboo’s fast-growing reputation (not to mention exponential growth rate) makes it an earth-friendly choice for these indoor room screens.

bamboo room screens#1 – These beauties are traditionally designed multi-fold screens by

Master Garden Products

. Priced around $150, you can integrate the natural bamboo look into just about any room.

bamboo tri fold room screen#2 - Or check out the tri-fold screen by Tatami Room. It runs you about $100 and looks well-worth the cash.

bamboo woven room screen#3 - If you’ve got more expensive taste, here’s one from


. The partition is a woven tobacco and bamboo slatted divider set in a solid wooden frame for $299.

bamboo wave room screen#4 - And for the latest in room dividers, there’s the rollable screen by


, also in the neighborhood of $299. The screen itself seems to be riding a wave of popularity – check out that tropical, cool wave design.