Awesome Shape-Shifting Suburban Pad

From on March 18, 2010 in Green Remodeling

For anyone who thought that living green meant skimping on style and forgoing functional design, think again. This eco-friendly suburban home remodel by Cloud9 might just give you that extra push to start living with the next generation in mind. shape shifting home green roof With its functional hydroponic rooftop garden, this home is also fully sustainable. It was designed in a C shape and can actually expand or compress (as shown below), depending on the needs of the family. A house that has the ability to change its size? If that’s not functional design, I don’t know what is. shape shifting home windowsshape shifting home landscaping To allow for an ample amount of natural light, a massive 50-foot-wide glass window faces the family’s backyard. See that white rectangular patch of gravel? That’s the home’s yet-to-be-constructed swimming pool, modeled to reflect the precise shape of the window. shape shifting home living roomshape shifting home bedroom The bedroom design is minimalist to say the least, but with wraparound windows and trees at eye level, nature spruces up the visual appeal. shape shifting home hallwayshape shifting home tile shower Touches of color were placed in the living room as well as the bathroom, adding some cheeriness and allowing the outside light to play off the bright tile work. shape shifting home garage And to save space even further, the garage was built beneath the home. Original for house design? Absolutely.