Artful Recycling Links for the Creative-Minded

From on August 22, 2008 in Green Remodeling

rocking horse stoolThere are so many items you just can’t bring yourself to throw away. Instead of leaving them in the corner collecting dust, why not find a new purpose for them? The following blogs and links are examples of others who have done exactly that. You’ll be amazed at how they have converted ordinary trash and backyard junk into captivating and unique pieces.

Okay, so the previous items may seem easy to rejuvenate into fascinating objects, but how about regular old household trash, old newspapers, and old carpet? Don’t underestimate the imagination of these artisans!

Done anything crazy lately? Why not just recycle a whole house! That’s precisely what these resourceful people have done, simply picked up the whole building and moved it to their desired location. This actually is a fairly common practice nationwide. Sometimes it is more financially advantageous, or there is something especially special about the building to where it is worth the effort and investment to move it.

The weekend is almost here; why not take a peak around your house for any undiscovered treasures that you can recreate into something marvelous and eye-catching? Photo Credit: Ample Sample