Are you a conflicted consumer?

From on July 21, 2008 in Green Remodeling

polar bearThe term “conflicted consumer” was coined to describe the dilemma that many of us face on a daily basis: buying out of principle, or buying out of necessity. In other terms, will you sacrifice purchasing a certain product because it conflicts with your personal convictions regarding the product’s eco-friendly qualities, or do you feel forced to buy the less expensive product out of financial necessity?

Choosing Between Low-Cost and Organic

According to Conflicted Consumers in Harvard Business Publishing, this group of conflicted consumers represents about 25% of consumers. Another study found that about 35% of Americans avoided purchasing certain items because the manufacturer’s practices conflicted with their ethical or moral convictions. Many of us may feel strongly about avoiding imported products or items that aren’t manufactured or designed with regard for the environent. But with a struggling economy, price is still the determining factor. With soaring energy and food costs, it just isn’t feasible for many living on a fixed budget to afford the more expensive, organic or green products.

You may be surprised to find that you are already making more eco-friendly and ethical decisions than you realized. If you are cutting back on your energy consumption by driving a more fuel-efficient car or using Energy Star-approved kitchen appliances, you have already shifted your buying habits.

Essentially, although the green movement has recently grown by leaps and bounds, eco-conscious companies are going to have to stay competitive with their pricing to draw the mainstream consumers. Take a look around your home, you may be surprised to find that there are several simple improvements you can make that will save energy and support a more eco-friendly way of life. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area to do what you can to make a difference.