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Recoup 30% More When You Remodel Green

August 04, 2011 in Green Remodeling

How much do our buildings really contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? The answers may be surprising. Over 50% of all GHGs in the U.S. come from our homes and businesses, and over 40% of the country’s energy consumption... read full post →

How Much Can You Save with Green Remodeling Tax Credits?

April 22, 2011 in Green Remodeling

Happy Earth Day, folks! In honor of the 41st anniversary of this greenest of holidays, I’d like to share a breakdown on energy-saving home improvements, and the federal tax incentives that make them affordable. Indeed,... read full post →

Microhouses for Tiny Budgets

March 16, 2011 in Green Remodeling

With a bit of imagination and a lot of design ingenuity, Derek Diedricksen achieves the impossible: micro-shelters for less than $200. Talk about being resourceful. One particular structure, aptly named the Gypsy Junker, makes up for... read full post →

The Greenbelt Prefabs in all Their Glory

March 03, 2011 in Green Remodeling

You probably already know that prefab homes, with their pre-cut, low-waste construction parts, are already greener than most traditional homes. But now Wieler, in partnership with Ralph Rapson and Associates, has taken that... read full post →

As Green as it is Gorgeous—The Luxury LEED Vicino House

February 21, 2011 in Green Remodeling

Sitting atop the bluffs of Pacific Palisades, California, like a breathtaking phoenix, the Vicino House beautifully merges sustainable living with luxurious design. Proving that eco-intelligence need not equate granola hippydom, this... read full post →
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