6 Tips to Create a “Green” Landscape

From on May 23, 2008 in Green Remodeling

green-garden21.jpgIf controlling your use of the environment is important to you, why not continue that self-discipline with your landscape design? There are many ways to plan landscaping that is eco-friendly and resource conserving at the same time.

Prepare your soil naturally with organic materials such as manure and compost. This will encourage your lawn and plants to grow well with less water and fewer fertilizers. You can create your own compost by piling lawn clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps.

Install an efficient irrigation system that conserves water and is solar powered. Collecting water in a rain barrel is another effective way to conserve water, and rainwater also works as a natural fertilizer.

Minimize the size of your lawn and reduce the amount of new plants, only choosing native varieties that support local biodiversity. Look to other forms of landscaping such as a rock garden to replace the need for a large lawn.

In maintaining your lawn, consider switching to powerless mowers and trimmers. Manual tools work just as well and only require a bit more effort to use.

Plan wisely when selecting your plants and trees. Place your trees in locations that will help your heating and cooling bills. Work with your landscaping contractor to determine the best order for your trees and plants to support proper pollination. This will encourage your plants to thrive without the use of chemical fertilizers. Deep watering once or twice a week is more effective for trees and will reduce your water consumption.

Begin to incorporate organic products into your maintenance routine. Green gardening definitely requires a bit more work and effort than standard methods, but it’s worth it, right?

Request free estimates from professional landscaping contractors to convert your yard to an eco-friendly status.

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