6 Green Roofs You Can Relate To

From on April 13, 2009 in Green Remodeling

Most green roofs in the U.S. are found on commercial buildings. Where do homeowners interested in pursuing a verdant surface of their own look to? Pictures of commercial green roofs can be awe-inspiring, but impossible to aspire to. Residential roofs won’t typically include paved footpaths and full-grown trees. They are frequently wild and self-sustaining, providing a natural habitat for local wildlife and improving the home’s insulation and air quality. Here are some down-to-earth examples: Not sure how the space under this green roof is being used, but it makes you realize all the unused potential of your carport. the-roof-garden-a.jpgPhoto credit: http://croom.wordpress.com/ Why not create a garden on your garden shed? gardenshed.jpgWhere does the roof stop and the hill begin? stresni-zahrada-1.jpgPhoto credit: http://www.marigreen.cz/ Here’s what I meant by wild? greenroof2.jpgPhoto credit: http://realneo.us/ Can you picture this on your cozy cottage? green-roof-in-bloom.jpgPhoto credit: http://www.techniques-flat-roofing.co.uk/ Lovely little landscape on this flat roof. green-roof6.jpgPhoto credit: http://www.livegreencincinnati.com