5 Great Green Design Blogs

From on March 11, 2009 in Green Remodeling

I am a blogger. I love blogs. After years of listening to friends tell me about their blogs and the blogs of people they knew, I began to wonder if I was the only human on the face of the earth without a blog to call their own. So, naturally, in keeping up with the Joneses, I started my own blog. Since then I’ve found the official blogosphere in the form of web sites that can direct you to pretty much any type of blog imaginable.

The greatest thing about blogs is that you can find information on any topic written from any point of view. Take, for instance, my love of living green. Google “green blogs” and you’d probably draw a few million results. Green is such a vast and popular topic these days. Conversely, construction has become somewhat of a stagnant industry. If you’re thinking of building something new, however, there are so many great incentives to designing and building something green right now. The government, both federal and state, local banks, and even some manufacturers are offering rebates, credits, and other enticements for thinking about the environment when you think about building.

Designing a green project takes a bit of extra thinking, however. Not only do you need to take into account your budget and the scope of the structure you desire, you need to start thinking in terms of space, light, and energy efficiency. In order to properly design a great green home or business structure, you need to be aware of all of the latest in technology and innovations, ideas and creations.

The choices of blogs with information on green design and building is virtually endless; here are a few that I’ve found to be both helpful and interesting:

  1. Sustainable Design Update - This is a great and very organized blog created by John Barrie, principal architect with John Barrie Associates Architects in Ann Arbor, MI. and also Executive Director of the Appropriate Technology Collaborative. Some of the author’s latest topics include a discussion on LEDs, greening works of Frank Lloyd Wright and the newly introduced Aptera car that gets 200 miles per gallon. Along the right-hand banner are categorized archives that cover posts on architecture, bio-fuels, green building materials, renewable energy, sustainability, and more.
  2. greenstrides.png
  3. Green Strides - This blog was initiated by Joyce Benson, a certified sustainable designer and member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Green strides covers everything from upcoming green building conferences and workshops to green gadgets and technology to green building materials and new tax credits and incentives. Benson is an avid blogger and has hundreds upon hundreds of posts on her site, several from just this week alone.
  4. baa-logo.jpg
  5. Green Home Design Architect - Great source of design information from an actual architect. Jeremy Bonin, AIA, LEED AP is a principal partner in an architecture firm serving most of New England. Not only does Bonin’s blog discuss the latest in sustainable design, upcoming seminars and green technology, he also shares his own design projects with viewers. This blog is unique in that you get a first person account of the latest in green design ideas from someone who is actually currently designing green projects.
  6. Jetson Green - Is it a blog or a magazine? It’s a little of both, but it’s a great blog-type site for gathering green design ideas. While this site was started by Preston Koerner, LEED AP and attorney, he shares his blog with several other contributing writers, which gives the site a wide array of topics as well as different perspectives on varying green concepts. Some of their more recent topics include Green Screen modular trellis panels, LEED projects, solar panels, and common mistakes in green building.
  7. House Plans.info - Maybe I’m just a simple girl, but I really liked this simple little blog. Jake England, co-founder of one of the leading online house plans brokerage firms, The Plan Collection, started this very informal blog whereby he introduces lots of design ideas and concepts. This blog is unique in that it really delves into the mindset of building green. It’s less about gadgets, equipment and technology and more about ideas, concepts, designs and lifestyle. While he discusses the advantages of living a green life and other sites on the web where there is more info, he also has a side banner of green house plans that you can take a look at.