101 Green Remodeling Links

From on May 26, 2009 in Green Remodeling

I’m always telling my kids that often in life it’s not how much you know, it’s knowing how to be resourceful. It’s not likely that you’ll retain everything you need to know about any particular topic, like green remodeling, but if you know where to look you can find out anything and everything on the topic…and then some. I did a little homework for you. Here are 101 links to lots of great information on green remodeling. Like all lists, this one is by no means comprehensive, as I cover several categories, but there’s more than enough here to get you started and keep you going with your green remodel.

Reclaimed / Recycled Materials


1) CitiLog. Smartwood Rediscovered Certified and FSC Sourced products. Responsibly-cleared lumber products like cabinets, flooring, decking and fencing.
2) Vintage Material Supply Company. Salvages wood from deconstruction to make into new products.
3) Urban Hardwoods. Makes salvaged hardwood furniture.
4) Endurawood. Manufactures wood building products from reclaimed, certified, recycled, or agri-based wood.
5) Barnstormers. Manufactures furniture and flooring from reclaimed barn wood.
6) The Wooden Duck. Specializes in furniture made from recycled wood.
7) Trestlewood. Sells reclaimed products like antique flooring, reclaimed timbers, hand hewn beams, barn wood, and antique siding.
8) Earth Source Wood. Certified wood products that originate from forests that are FSC certified for their sustainable harvest practices.
9) Architectural Salvage News. Valuable sourcing information to help locate suppliers of specialty products, both salvaged, and reproduction

Surplus Building Materials


10) CMDepot. Online resource for buying or selling excess building materials, also a resource for finding local stores who do the same.
11) Habitat ReStore. Retail outlets that accept and sell excess building materials for low prices with proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity.
12) Builder2Builder. Online resource where anyone can buy or sell used building materials.
13) Electrical Exchange. Online surplus marketplace for surplus and used electrical and lighting supplies.

Improved Air Quality


14) Building for Health. Alternative building materials chosen for their benefits to air quality and impact on the planet.
15) Planetary Solutions. Products which provide an environmental or human health advantage over typical materials.
16) JFB HartCoatings, Inc. Manufacturer low- to zero-VOC, high performance urethanes and epoxies.
17) Mythic Paint. Non-toxic, ultra low odor paint without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins.
18) Eco Safety Products. Manufacturer and wholesaler of eco-friendly finishes, strippers, sealers, and solvents.
19) AspenAir Inside. Whole-house high-efficiency indoor air filtration systems.

Sustainable Building Practices / Products


20) United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Information about the organization and what they do, as well as on LEED programs, building products, and practices.
21) Sustainable Earth Enterprises. Promoting sustainable building practices and the use of alternative building materials and renewable energy sources.
22) Green Sage. Online source for green and sustainable building materials and furnishings.
23) Ecohaus. Healthy, environmentally-friendly home improvement materials.
24) The Natural Home Building Source. Alternative home building product department store.
25) Green Building Supply. Source for eco-friendly supplies like water and air purification systems, natural flooring, non-toxic finishes and cleaners, eco-countertops, and energy and water conservation systems.

Eco-Friendly Wall Systems


26) TechBlock International. Energy efficient wall systems utilizing sustainable, localized manufacturing.
27) Mission Wall Systems. Sustainable insulated concrete form wall systems.
28) FoldForm. Sustainable insulated concrete form wall systems.

Cool Roofs


29) Met-Tile
30) Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.
31) Johns Manville Cool Roof Solutions
32) Sustainable Roofing Solutions. San Francisco-based roofing company committed to sustainability.

Solar Panels / Systems


33) SunPower Corporation. Producer of high-efficiency solar panel systems for the home.
34) CalFinder Solar. Free referrals to licensed, professional solar contractors and access to hundreds of informative articles on solar power.
35) Solar Home. Provider of products, information, and advice related to solar power and solar technologies.
36) Mr. Solar. Predesigned and prepackaged solar panel systems for grid-tied or off-the-grid industries or residences.
37) Wholesale Solar. Retail seller with wholesale prices on products like solar panels, wind generators, etc.

Green Flooring


38) Flor, Inc. Eco-friendly carpet tiles.
39) GreenFloors. Environmentally-friendly flooring and recycled carpeting.
40) Fritz Tile. Makes resilient terrazzo flooring from marble and granite chips. The company claims to make the only flexible terrazzo tile.
41) Expanko Cork Tiles.

EnergyStar Appliances / Products


42) Energy Star. Information about the program, the products, tax benefits, and partners.
43) Energy Trust of Oregon. Source for locating retailers that carry Energy Star products.
44) GE. Information about GE-made Energy Star appliances and where to buy them.
45) Lowes. National retailer where you can find Energy Star appliances.

Green Building Services


46) Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance. Directory of green businesses in and around the Chicago area.
47) CxGBS. Nationally recognized commissioning and green building consulting firm that helps clients build environmentally friendly, top performing healthy buildings.
48) National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Resource for information, ideas, guides, practices, and locating qualified remodeling contractors.
49) National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Resource for information, ideas, guides, practices, and locating qualified remodeling contractors.
50) Sustainable Spaces, Inc. San Francisco-based business dedicated to evaluating your home’s efficiency and retrofitting it for enhanced efficiency, comfort, and health.
51) Green Building Services. Service-oriented company offering assistance with green design, construction, building management solutions, advanced climate solutions, etc. with offices in Portland, Sacramento, Houston, and Orlando.

Geo-Thermal and Green HVAC Systems


52) Trane. Efficient EarthWise HVAC systems and other eco-friendly systems with installation contractors spread throughout the U.S.
53) Total Green International. Designs & installs Geothermal, Photovoltaic, Wind, and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in the New York Tri-State area.
54) Alliant Energy. Geo-thermal contractors servicing Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
55) Geothermal Heating. Information on geothermal systems and links to several contractors in different U.S. regions.
56) Greenheck. Leading supplier of air movement and control equipment that includes fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen vent hoods, and energy recovery and make-up air units.

Efficient Windows and Doors


57) Sinan’s Windows, Inc. Oakland-based window and door company dedicated to environmentally-friendly practices in their showroom and your home. Member of the Bay Area Green Business Program and Build It Green.
58) Serious Windows. Makes sustainable green building materials that dramatically reduce the impact on the climate.
59) Find Your Windows. California database resource for finding energy efficient window replacements (if you put your zip code in the box, though, you can find info from other states).
60) Marvin, Manufacturer of Energy Star rated windows and doors with dealers nationwide.
61) Andersen. Manufacturer of Energy Star rated windows and doors with dealers nationwide.

Green Bathroom / Plumbing Fixtures


62) The Tubmakers. Eco-friendly tubs (ofurus), saunas, spas, as well as hearths and wood stoves. Local to the San Francisco area.
63) Gau. Efficiency Zen-designed sinks.
64) IceStone. Sustainable countertops made from 100% recycled glass and cement.
65) Delta. Water-efficient showerheads and faucets.
66) Envirolet. Composting toilets with solar power.
67) Sun-Mar. Composting toilets with rotating mechanism for superior composting abilities.
68) BioLet. Waterless composting toilets.
69) Toto. Japanese innovated smart and efficient toilets.
70) Broan. Ventilation fans including silent and efficient models.

Green Kitchen Products


71) EcoCraft Cabinetry. Berkeley-based business that specializes in quality custom cabinetry that is healthy and eco-friendly.
72) BottleStone. High recycled content, zero emissions, and low embodied energy products that earn LEED credits. Products include countertops, flooring, siding, tables, and walls.
73) Neil Kelly Cabinet Company. Green and sustainable custom cabinet design and manufacturing
74) Real Goods. Wide variety of eco-friendly kitchen products including compost bins, aeromatic oven, refrigerators and freezers, utensils, and accessories.
75) Squak Mountain Stone. A Fibrous-cement material comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, coal fly-ash and cement hand-cast into “slabs” as an alternative to natural or quarried stone countertops.
76) Smith & Fong Co. Manufacturers of Durapalm, formaldehyde-free, LEED credit-earning sustainable wood products made from reclaimed palms past their fruit-bearing age. Products include flooring, paneling, and countertops.

Green Home Remodeling Plans & Ideas


77) National Retail Federation. Find retailers all over the United States for any product.
78) Remodelers-Online. Ideas and advice for home remodeling projects.
79) Healthy Home Plans. House plans for people interested in green and healthy living
80) Green Building Advisor. Online resource for green remodeling ideas, projects, and information.
81) NurtureSource Designs. Design company dedicated to green living, feng shui, and creating peaceful environments. Based in Berkeley.

Lighting and Electrical


82) P3 International. Maker of KillAWatt products to help you determine how efficient your electrical devices/appliances really are.
83) OK Solar. Outdoor solar lights.
84) Color Kinetics, Inc. Intelligent LED light systems and custom lighting solutions.
85) Axiom Power Corp. Dimmable cold cathode fluorescent lamps and cans.
86) Metro Lighting and Crafts. Berkeley-based company dedicated to sustainability. They offer eco-friendly lighting fixtures made locally and sold in a showroom that is 100% powered by a 19 kilowatt rooftop solar array.

Eco-Friendly Furniture / Furnishings


87) inmod. Green furniture with no ecologically unsafe chemicals.
88) Green Culture. Eco-friendly furniture for the home, office. and outdoor living spaces.
89) Woodland Creek Furniture. Furniture made from reclaimed barn wood.
90) Zola Eco-Friendly Furnishings. Sustainably manufactured, hand-crafted, heirloom quality home furniture.
91) Gaiam. Eco-friendly natural outdoor furniture.
92) Reforest Teak. Sustainable teak outdoor furniture; all profits used for protecting and restoring tropical rain forests.
93) Maku. Sustainable indoor and outdoor furnishings with modern design.
94) Loll Designs. Modern outdoor furniture made from recycled plastics.
95) Thos. Baker. Plantation teak, all-weather wicker and wrought aluminum patio outdoor furniture.
96) 2Modern. Eco-friendly furniture with eco-modern design, also sells eco-friendly lighting and home accessories.

Deconstruction Services


97) Build It Green! NYC. NYC’s retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials with a crew that can remove several materials from your home including appliances, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, and more.
98) The ReBuilding Center. Portland, Oregon-based organization dedicated to the responsible removal and reuse of building materials.
99) OBI Development. Chicago area deconstruction contractors.
100) The ReUse People. Construction company dedicated to the responsible removal and reuse of building materials with deconstruction contractors in northern California and Seattle.
101) EcoHaul. San Francisco-based waste removal company committed to environmentally responsible waste removal and disposal solutions. Use bioDiesel-powered trucks, have highest landfill diversion rates in the industry with large quantities of waste being recycled, reused, or donated. Also offer deconstruction services.