Working with a Contractor: The Pros and Cons

From on March 04, 2008 in General

Spring is just around the corner and that nagging remodel project is still hanging over your shoulder. You really want to get the project done, but where do you start? You’ve priced your materials, and you can really save some money if you do the work yourself; but are you up to the challenge?

Cons of Working with a Contractor

You can save a lot of money by doing the labor on a project yourself. A contractor has a family to feed and bills to pay, so obviously applying your own elbow grease will cost much less. You can do the project on your own time schedule, you don’t have to wait for workers to show up, or have the intrusion of a noisy crew in your home. The workmanship can be as careful and precise as you can make it, and you’ll have the pride of accomplishment once you are finished.

Pros of Working with a Contractor

A contractor is up-to-date on the current building codes, and already has a working relationship with the local building department. Sometimes projects require a large amount of skilled labor, and unless you’re a career carpenter, you are bound to encounter some road-blocks. A contractor is licensed, bonded, and can be called back to fix any future problems. A contractor can offer a guarantee that the project will be done correctly. If you attempt it yourself and fail, you have to keep re-doing it and fixing it until it is right. Evaluate how much your time is worth; do you have the extra energy to be working two jobs? When you get right down to it, if you factor in time lost with your family, the extra stress, and the extra time the whole project will take, you might find it really isn’t that much more expensive to hire a contractor. A contractor also has connections and the opportunity for discounts on materials.

Another option is to hire a contractor for the more difficult aspects of the project, while doing as much of the work yourself as you can. This will save money and prevent headaches!

Regardless of your decision, a remodel will add value to your home, while creating a more inviting place for you to live. If you decide you’d like to hire a contractor, be sure to hire one with excellent references. Our pre-screened certified contractors will give you a free estimate, which can help you decide what direction you’d like to take.