Will You Shop the Day After Thanksgiving?

From on November 28, 2008 in General

Will you line up at five in the morning for doorbuster deals at your local XWZ store on Black Friday? Do you like rubbing shoulder to shoulder, scrambling through stores, rushing, grabbing, and fighting over limited merchandise? Enjoy standing in super long lines with super slow cashiers? How ‘bout fighting for that parking space 2 miles from the mall? You can have it. You won’t see me there. I’m not bah humbugging Christmas shopping, but are the inconvenience and crowds really worth saving a few bucks? I’d rather stick a needle in my eye. In fact, I won’t even leave the house that day unless by foot and only to exercise off all the pumpkin pie I ate the night before. For those of you who will be out shopping on Black Friday, I have only one question for you: are you crazy? I’ve seen tamer NHL games. My advice is to stay home and knit socks for Uncle Alfred, get your tools out and make a custom birdhouse for Aunt Mildred, or just go shopping next Monday. I have friends who, every year, decide on a home remodeling project and give that as a Christmas gift to each other. Here’s what I’m doing for Christmas, and it doesn’t involve wrapping gifts. I’m taking my two sons and five of their friends to Sausalito for the weekend. I rented a big cottage with a kitchen so we can conserve money by cooking ourselves. The cottage has a panoramic view of the Bay and the area provides for plenty of adventure. For our entertainment on Sunday. I purchased tickets for all of us to see Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco. Total price tag: $950, and memories that will last a lifetime. My parents and sisters agreed that we would not be drawing names this year for gifts, so this trip with my kids is it for Christmas. Shopping done! No headaches. No Black Fridays.