What to Do when you Change your Mind - Mid-Remodel

From on May 14, 2008 in General

Mid RemodelAlthough no one wants to find themselves in this situation, it often happens in the chaotic midst of a remodel: you change your mind about a certain product or look. You do your best to plan your design, but sometimes once you see it in place you just don’t like it. What a dilemma; what can you do?

Tear it out.

This initially sounds horrible, but do you really want to keep something that just isn’t right? Now is the best time to decide if you just want to live with it, or invest a little extra and do it right once and for all. In many cases, you can’t return building materials, but you can definitely resell them. There is a good chance your contractor may even have some connections to assist you.

Consider making minor adjustments.

Maybe you don’t need to completely remove the materials. Take cabinets for example. Maybe they’re the wrong color, and can be re-stained in place. Or maybe you can switch to a painted design instead. Are the cabinets too plain? Try dressing them up with decorative moldings or hardware.

This is rare, but sometimes you can wind up with remodeler’s remorse.

Maybe when you start to see changes taking place, you become nostalgic about the way it used to be. Well, you may be out some expense, but if you liked it better the way it was, just have your contractor put it back. If nothing else, maybe you’ll save money in the long run. The most important thing to remember is not to view the situation as a tragic disaster. If you maintain the right perspective, there is always a solution. Working with a professional contractor will better help you solve, and better yet, prevent, whatever problem you might encounter.