Wall Hangings from Ten Thousand Villages

From on April 14, 2009 in General

Wall hangings are wonderful alternatives to framed art for lots of reasons. Some of these are:

  • Size. Many wall hangings are large and cover a lot of wall space.
  • Texture. Often made of textiles and other fibers, wall hangings add softness, warmth, and a type of dimensionality.
  • Portability. Because they are generally suspended from rods, wall hangings will easily detach and then roll or fold for ease in packing and moving.
  • Price. Compared to framed art in comparable sizes, wall hangings can often be found for more reasonable cost.

Ten Thousand Villages is a resource you should definitely check out if you’re exploring options in wall hangings and have an interest in supporting artisans around the world. A Fair Trade retailer, any purchase made at Ten Thousand Villages “helps improve the lives of thousands of artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.”

tree-of-life.jpgPhoto Credit: tenthousandvillages.com

The embroidered Tree of Life wall hanging is alive with bright peacocks and elephants, birds and flowers in primary colors to grace your wall. Small mirrored pieces of metal form the flower centers. It is hand-embroidered by women of St. Mary’s Mahila Shikshan Kendra, India, which was founded to provide employment for women after local textile mills closed.

Bold and graphic, the Musicians Wall Hanging is a tapestry made of colorful coiled wool and celebrates Peruvian music and culture. Using Andean sheep wool, weavers roll the wool fibers into long strands, blending different dyed colors. They create the tapestry on a wooden loom, with cotton warp and wool-coil weft. It’s made by Intercrafts Peru, a democratic cooperative of artisan groups which allows artisans full participation in organizational decisions.

The Peace Banner features that single word, “a single wish,” in many languages – Peace. You’re invited to share the world’s hope for peace in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, and many other languages in many beautiful scripts. It’s made in Indonesia by Mitra Bali, a cooperative of artisan groups making wood, silver, bamboo, coconut, ceramic and other handicrafts.

peace-banner.jpgPhoto Credit: tenthousandvillages.com

Made of jute, this Tree of Life wall hanging has sturdy strength to enhance your wall. The size, earth colors, and rough textures of this wall hanging give it presence and beauty. The heavy wool of ground and overlapping tree branches make this almost a bas-relief. Made by India’s Sasha Exports, which empowers socially and economically marginalized artisans to run their businesses independently.

While you’re shopping, you’ll find a few wall hanging poles to choose from, too. One is an example made of smoked bamboo for textiles up to 23” in width. It’s an elegant way to display narrow wall hangings or lengths of fabric. It has a wicker loop at one end for easy opening and closing. Made in Vietnam by Craft Link, a nonprofit organization, which works with Vietnamese artisans to generate income, with a focus on ethnic minorities, street children, and artisans with disabilities.